Useful Links

Useful Links 


• Marco Polo Venice Airport

• Canova Treviso Airport

• Ronchi dei Legionari Airport

• ACTV – Bus connection from Padua to Venice through the Riviera del Brenta or boats connecting the Lagoon Islands

• Fusina – direct boats to Venice- hystorical centre

• Bike hire

• Short and long term renting for companies and private people.

• Venice Civic Museums on line booking website

Musei e Teatri
• Ecomuseum

• Villa dei Leoni Theatre

• Venice Show and Culture

• Civic Museums of Venice

• Palazzo Grassi

• Guggehnheim collectionVenice

• Palazzo Zabarella

• Padova Culture

• Padova Net

Institutional Websites

• Venice Municipality
• Province of Venice

In collaboration with

• Massimiliano Barbuni Photographer
• Private Villa Owners Association: Cultural Association of the Venetian Villas
• Vicus Novus Travel Agency
• Pedaliamo Per la Vita Association
• Fiab Federazione Italiana Amici Bicicletta ( Byke Friends Federation)